Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Relaxer Update, New Hairdresser feat. Straight from Eden

Hiyaa guys, 2014 is almost winding down and boy I never imagined my hair being like this. From my last post I mentioned my hairdresser issues and the cut and damage I received. Well after 11 weeks or almost 3 months nursing back my hair, I still have some more damage but I'll get more on that later down in the post.

I did relax my hair Monday with the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer in Type B. Overall I really did like the relaxer. One thing I noted is that the usual relaxer smell that I would get when the relaxer is applied wasn't there. So there wasn't that over powering relaxer smell, like I had to sniff just to get a lil bit of the scent, but overall it wasn't really there....and my nose was grateful for that!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

September Relaxer Update, Forced Cut and Hairdresser Issues

Seems like forever....but we've been so busy and caught up with school there was practically no time to post. And so I never got you guys up to date with my relaxer, which was maybe the worst relaxer I've ever gotten. Not to mention too that terrible hairdresser who applied the relaxer on.

I had relaxed at 13 weeks post, and I used the the relaxer that the hairdresser provided which was the Profectiv no lye relaxer. I had read a couple of reviews on it online and it didn't seem so bad, but when it was applied to my new growth it was like fireeee. I got no visible burns from the relaxer but it was burning me the entire process, and not to to mention it got my hair so straight and lifeless even after the roller set it had no body. I was not sure if she used the regular or super on me but it got it beyond straight that it looked unhealthy.