Sunday, 12 July 2015

Why I Stopped Trying To Fit In

Hii lovelies :). 

The verse that inspired me to write this post was “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” — 2 Timothy 3:12.

I remember as a teenager well I'm still a teenager lol. When I was younger before I was a Christian I would try so hard to fit in. I mean I had friends but some of those friends, I don't even know why we were friends to be honest because we were so different. 

Anyways, one example of me trying to fit in was forcing myself to listen to music trying to know all the new music because all my "friends" knew them and I would be so blank. But honestly I never liked it, especially some unclean music they liked. I just felt uncomfortable doing it. It's so funny now though, I am not in contact with those friends who used to be call me lame.

Fast forward a few years, I became a Christian. I just realized after a while I don't have to force myself to fit in because at the end of the day my relationship with God is the most important relationship to be in above all and you just can not please everyone. Especially after being a Christian I stopped listening to unclean music I still get looks as to why I don't but I could care less. 

If your friend is looking down on you and making you feel uncomfortable because you don't like the things they do you should rethink that friendship. Then again I was young and if that were to happen right now best believe he/she is out of my life instantly *snaps finger* lol. You just can never be on the same page with everyone. One action you do, some people might look down on you for it while others might look up to you.

Even now listening to music is not one of my hobbies I do sometimes but you know I'm just not bout that life.

At the end of the day DO YOU BOOO ! lool

Tell me below about some of your stories with 'friends' like that and you trying to fit in


  1. I understand this too. Yet, when it comes to music I really can't say much as I listen to a lot of everything - I do try and avoid things with profanity but sometimes if the beats good (poor excuse) ... Plus, I understand that Jamaican music specifically dancehall is known to be rather explicit so for many years and even now I avoid it, depending on the artist and the level of innuendos (or lack of) there is.

    Well done for not giving in and sticking to what you feel is right and what you know is best! Its not like you're missing out on much as much music (and musicians) are not edifying to the mind or spiritual development. Plus, if you did become interested in music that's uplifting there are many example but then again you don't have to like listening to music especially vulgar/violent songs.

    Keep being you :)

    1. LOL yes the beat gets me sometimes too. It's like you can't help but sing along even sometimes you don't even realize you're singing along. With dancehall, I do avoid it all together and as much as I can it is just too explicit for my taste.

      Thanks so much and it does take a lot of courage to do what is right and you're right I'm certainly not missing much because I don't miss it at all. There are definitely some really good uplifting music and it is not limited to only gospel music.

      Thanks again and will do :))

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    1. sorry it posted twice - my internet has been playing up (?)

    2. That's okay :) . Just blogger problems lol


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