Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Relaxer Update, New Hairdresser feat. Straight from Eden

Hiyaa guys, 2014 is almost winding down and boy I never imagined my hair being like this. From my last post I mentioned my hairdresser issues and the cut and damage I received. Well after 11 weeks or almost 3 months nursing back my hair, I still have some more damage but I'll get more on that later down in the post.

I did relax my hair Monday with the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer in Type B. Overall I really did like the relaxer. One thing I noted is that the usual relaxer smell that I would get when the relaxer is applied wasn't there. So there wasn't that over powering relaxer smell, like I had to sniff just to get a lil bit of the scent, but overall it wasn't really there....and my nose was grateful for that!

My hair...well its still not in the state I would like it to be, but it has grown. It was so funny because I had actually passed armpit length too which was kinda surprising to me at first. I really had alot of new growth, but sometimes because of shrinkage you don't even realize how much new growth you really have. But in the end I did chop off about an inch or so, so right now I'm at Armpit length which is really good for me still if you look back from where I was coming from.

then                                    now

My new hairdresser was really nice, her name is Julie by the way lol. So when I came in, she examined my hair she made a lil joke how I was becoming a Rasta because of my new growth but it a was in a jokingly way. She didn't criticize my new growth like some hairdressers and like the previous one I went to like how my new growth is too much or I shouldn't wait so that was good. Julie had actually mentioned to me before when I first came there that, she saw me in the mornings and how I use to stretch my relaxers and how my hair has grown over a period time. So I was actually surprised there as well, but I do pass the salon when I leave to go to it was nice to hear that. Overall the process was good...I won't talk about the whole of it because its long, but I do plan on going back there next time.

One thing I absolutely loved was the communication. She told me that my hair was still damaged from the last time so she might have to cut some more, she did show me how much she wanted to cut and plus she gave me the option to do it later if I needed some time to think about it which was great. So at that time seeing that my hair grew so much I just told her to trim off a little bit, so she cut off an inch and got rid of more of the stringier parts. She told me I could come back next time to cut off a next inch if I see that I needed it. She also assured me that my hair would bounce back from the thinness so that was good too so overall it was good visit. I will certainly go back there.

But regarding the health of my hair from the last relaxer and now its pretty much the same in a way....but then again it does look a bit healthier now tho.

Last time I was going through some shedding and breakage that I wouldn't usually get after a relaxer, and I'm still getting some shedding and breakage now too. So I know that my hair still needs some work. I'm positive that I have chemical damage, and I think the Profectiv relaxer I used the last time just sent my hair on the edge. I'm honestly not sure if the relaxer was in regular or super, because I didn't see the box. But all I know was that after the service was done my hair just felt paper thin. My hair right now is still very much thin but has a bit of improvement.

                                                                                                  before (don't mind the face)



I'm planning on doing a hard protein treatment next wash, so I'll be heading down to the beauty store to purchase the Aphogee two step treatment. I have never used this before but hopefully my hair will benefit from the treatment. I'm also thinking of getting the ORS Mayonnaise as a medium protein, and I also wanted to get a sulphate free shampoo I'm not sure as yet which one its either between the Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair or CON either the Hydrating Shampoo or the Argan Oil Moisture and Shine.

So as you can see I'm trying to do everything in my power to restore the health of my hair. I thought I would've reached BSL in 2015, but I'm not so sure again, however I'm just happy to be back at APL, because short hair does not look good on me lol.

Thanks for reading! Any questions or comments pls feel free to leave below guys :)


  1. Great results

    1. Thank you! Will surely visit your site :)

  2. Wow! Your hair has really grown longer and thicker!! Love your results

  3. loving ur results hating set backs im currently in a protective style was having too much fights with my hair so we're on a break from each other right now lol

    1. Thanks Toya! I also wanna try a protective style maybe Senegalese twists or box braids for the summer. I hope you retain your length tho girl :)

  4. Great results! I'm glad you found a stylist that actually listened to you and will hopefully aid you in your hair journey. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now but my setbacks have been due to poor hair practices (like being rough with my hair/not moisturising or deep conditioning regularly). Oh, and I also would like to thwart the hair myth that "black girls/women" can't grow long hair without being "mixed" - totally untrue hopefully our manes will be a testament against such ignorance. Wishing you all the best in your healthy long hair journey :) !

    1. Thank yuu girl. And yess we definitely can grow our hair past the perceived length that many think. Ive had a number of setbacks and I'm still going through one now but don't let ur setbacks deter from your goal to long healthy hair. We will definitely make it though, and have a happy healthy hair journey 😊😊😊


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