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Product Review | Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer type B Review

Hello guys, today I'll be reviewing the lovely Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer in type B. I used this twice to relax my hair at about 11 weeks post relaxer.

Location: Nicole's Beauty Supplies Store

Price: JA$1250 (US $11)
Promises: Harness the goodness of nature’s garden with Creme of Nature Straight from Eden’s revolutionary relaxer system. Finally a healthier way to relax your hair, featuring the first 100% naturally-derived* straightening creme made with all natural Coconut, Avocado and Olive Oils. With 90% less breakage** and healthier than traditional relaxers, Straight from Eden’s naturally-derived formula transforms normal, thick or resistant hair into seductively straight, smooth, frizz free hair. 

Naturally-derived* formula- NO lye. NO mineral oil. NO petrolatum. NO sulfates. NO parabens. NO formaldehyde.

Straightening creme 5.5 oz. 
Activator 1.9 oz. 
Creme booster 1.08 oz. 
Hydrating shampoo 2 oz. 
Conditioning treatment 1.5 oz. 
Repairing oil .14 oz.
Instruction sheet
So let's REVIEW.

I wanted to love this relaxer, but unfortunately it didn't wanna love me lol. This relaxer has gotten some really good reviews, and most if not everyone loved Creme of Nature's idea of a healthier relaxer, without all the nasty chemicals of a traditional relaxer. I for one loved this idea too, because everyone is all for natural products now that can help strengthen our hair and reduce breakage and hair fall. But does it perform as well as a regular relaxer?

Personally for me it did not, I was left with dry and stiff hair. I don't blame the product though, I just think that this wasn't for me. 

Like I mentioned I did use this twice, with the same results- dry and stiff hair. But I loved the application. When buying no lye kits, I like when they pack a neutralizing shampoo, a conditioner, and a leave in or oil. And for them to offer all three in the package, I thought that was really good. I actually went out and bought the Hydrating Shampoo, because I really did love it. But back to the application; when mixing the creme together you should add the activator and creme booster to the straightening creme and mix. It's a very thick creme which was cool, and it didn't have that harsh relaxer smell. It was very subtle, like you didn't really smell the creme, and of course that was another plus. One of the things I love about this creme the most is that it didn't burn my scalp. I was waiting for that burning feeling, but it didn't come. My hairdresser did leave it on for a good while when I first used this, because she was skeptical it wasn't gonna creme it properly. It did start to burn a lil bit cause it was on for about 25 minutes which was a bit too long, but I was shocked that it didn't burn me faster.

I also love the smell of the whole line, all the products smell good. But I don't think it's as strong as there Argan Oil line, which I love. But there nice smelling lol.

So what's the negative stuff with this product then?
Not much to tell you the truth. However, it is a bit pricey, and one of the most expensive relaxers I've ever bought.

I did go back to some of the reviews, and the few who gave this product a low rating did experience drying and matting. I did experience this as well, especially when it came to the hairdresser blow drying and flat ironing my hair. It was very tangled and matted. And even after I got home it was dry and stiff. With some extra moisturizing and sealing it got better during the week. The first time I relaxed with this, I just thought I had experienced these things because it was a new relaxer. Because before this I was using Organics to relax. But the second time I used this, I realized that it just didn't work with my hair, and my hairdresser agreed too. So with that, I decided not to use the relaxer again.

Gentle on the scalp- little to no burning
Carries a shampoo, conditioner and oil
Smells good
Gentle on hair- so great for people who texlax
No harsh relaxer smell.


I guess I'm just the minority in this case, who had a issue with this relaxer. And honestly, that's just how relaxers are. Not all relaxers work for everyone's hair. So I've skipped this relaxer, I'm now using another Creme of Nature relaxer lol, and it works much better for my hair. You can check out my first try of the Straight from Eden relaxer here if you missed it.

This is a product you can def buy if your interested in a more healthier way to relax your hair.
No head of hair is the same guys, so it may work better with you than me.
Overall good product, but in the end wasn't for me.
Thanks for reading guys, and come talk with me in tha comment box

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Ciao for now (:


  1. Me and relaxers (even plant derived ones) are not friends so I'm venturing in dangerous territory. Matting?! Oh my gosh - well I suppose I deal with matting on a daily basis (being natural haired and all) but the only product that has ever done that to me is ORS Replenishing Pak and it was not fun. Hmm this product does look nice but doesn't sound like it was very effective and pricey too! (the worst kind of product). Thanks for sharing your journey :)

    1. IKRR! I had really high hopes for this product, but like they say no two heads are alike. And its actually funny cause I love the ORS Replenishing Conditioner lol. The price of the relaxer was a huge turn off for me in the beginning, so with it not performing as well as I liked gave me more than enough reason to discontinue using it :)


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