Thursday, 28 August 2014

Full Braid Out Results

Hii guys, this is a quick post of my full braid out results. I un-did the rest yesterday, and oh my did they come out dry. If you read my last wash day post, you saw some pics of my hair the following day, after I did my wash. When I un-did the two braids in my last post, my hair was so soft and silky....and had a good shine. However that wasn't the case yesterday when I pulled them out.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wash Day: Braid out

Heyy there guys, this wash day I decided to do something I haven't done in a while....and that's a braid out. I just decided to give the rollers a break this week and try something different. I also used some lime juice to lighten my hair a bit, but I only left it in for about 20 minutes because I didn't have the time to leave it in overnight. So I'm guessing that it didn't lighten my hair alot like it could've, but let's get into it (:

[1] Prepoo & Lime- I prepooed with Tresemme Remoisture Conditioner, apple cider vinegar, my oil mix (it has in African Pride Growth Oil and Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil) and I applied it on my scalp. I also poured some of the African Pride Oil down

Monday, 25 August 2014

Senegalese Twist: The takedown

Hey girls, I decided to take down my twists. I had them in for about 5 weeks now. It took about 2 days to take down because I was lazy and took a lot of breaks. I was ultra gentle while doing this because my hair was in a fragile state and needed some lovin' lol. It felt dry but stretchy and over moisturized at the same time but anyways here's how I took care of my hair after.

[1] DETANGLE !!! girllllll I can not stress this enough, before even thinking about washing, detangle and

How I Regrew My Edges- Part 2

Hi again guys, I gave you a lil info on how my edges thinned out in the Story of how I Lost my Edges. So in this post I'll be basically explaining what I did to get them sit tight :)

Well most of you guys probably know from the story that my edges thinned out due to constant wearing of tight headbands. So I pretty much lost a good piece of my edges, I wouldn't say it was so much disastrous....but it was really really bad.

My method for growing them out was kinda simple, and it was just by scalp massaging and using Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil.  So it was easy right? umm, not really.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Starting Healthy Hair Care

Hey guys, if your new at the whole healthy hair care I know it can be very overwhelming for you and you don't know where to start but to make it a little bit easier, here are a list of things you'll need to start your healthy hair care and why.

[1] Moisturizing shampoo: This is to cleanse the hair weekly or once every two weeks depending on your hair type. Preferably a sulfate free shampoo as to moisturize the hair but cleanse the scalp at the same time. This also prevents the hair from being stripped then drying out the hair.

[2] Clarifying shampoo: This is to be used every 4-8 weeks to strip the hair of product

Wash Day

Hiii everyone, this post is wayy overdue. I washed last week Tuesday but because of the busy week, Shauna and I were unable to post. But were back now on our routine :). My wash day was good, just worked on incorporating more protein in my hair since last day wash my hair felt overly moisturized. So let's get into it :)

[1] Prepoo- I prepooed overnight with Tresemme Remoisture Conditioner, apple cider vinegar and my oil mix (which comprises of African Pride Growth Oil & Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil).

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Story of How I Lost my Edges- Part 1

Hey guys, had a busy week so not much posting was done hope you guys aren't angry though. But we're back, and feeling energized *whoot whoot* lol. So the title is pretty self explanatory, I lost my edges a while back in Decemeber 2013 and trust me it was not a fun experience. It was kinda a gradual thing, but its like one day I woke up they were there, next day they were gone, sighh. My edges used to be much fuller, but they were also fragile so it didn't take alot of tension to get them to leave. And that was my mistake.                   

These were the large headbands I wore.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hairdresser Talk

Hey guys, in my previous post Hair Update, I mentioned that my hairdresser migrated,  I'm really happy for her but where does that leave me now? Well first I must confess that she's been a good hairdresser on most parts. She followed most healthy hair tips like moisture/protein balance, scalp massages, detangling properly with a wide tooth comb, and others. However she was a believer that new growth had to be touched up every 6-8weeks, and would sometimes tell me that I had to relax it earlier, but I never paid her any mind on that lol. But aside from services she was a really good friend of mine, and she was also my neighbor so no long walks, or great distances to travel to get my hair done. Plus she always told me that I could come and set my hair over the salon and dry it too since I had no dryer at the time. So as a hairdresser, and most of all as a friend and neighbor, I'm gonna miss her. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hair Update: Six Weeks Post Relaxer

Hey guys, I'm currently 6 weeks post relaxer, and at the moment I'm not having alot issues with my hair. This relaxer has been a good one so far, and I'm just trying to take things step by step. I relaxed my hair June 24, 2014, but because of graduation I decided to do flexi rod curls instead, so I didn't get to take a length pic after my relaxer. And at the same time, that was gonna be my last relaxer done by my hairdresser, because she migrated, sigh. However, I'll talk more on that next post.

                                                                           April 2014 (day after relaxer)- last relaxer

Senegalese Twist: Wash Day

Hey girlies, On Friday I decided to wash my Senegalese Twists. Before I was on a hair journey I never cared to wash my hair while I wore twists so this is a bit new to me and I had to learn but I must say it was a successful wash day. So here's the process

[1] I shampooed my hair with the CON detangling conditioning shampoo green label. I did not dilute it I simply put it in my hands then distributed it on my scalp. I did this because I mainly wanted to wash my scalp and the run off would lightly cleanse the twists. Though this shampoo is not stripping I wanted my hair to retain as much moisture as possible.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Senegalese Twist: maintanance

Hey girlies, for the summer I decided to install Senegalese twists or Rope twists as we call it from Jamaica. I was a bit nervous to do it because I have not done this in such a long time but I really needed a little break from my hair. So here is how I maintain my twists.

I moisturize with African pride olive miracle braid sheen spray making sure to moisturize my edges then I would usually loosely put my hair into a low ponytail to avoid tension.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Wash Day: Second Roller Set & Lime Lightening

Hey my beauties, I hope you guys aren't too confused with the title, but I did my second roller set all done done by moi, since I recently got my hooded dryer. Plus I felt a bit daring and I used a lime to sorta give my hair a lighter hue. So let's get into it.

[1] Prepoo- I prepooed with heat for 30 mins heat with Tresemme Re-moisture Conditioner, Apple cider vinegar which I sprayed on my hair and parts of my scalp. And also my oil mix which comprises of Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil. I did this Sunday night.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Is your Hair a Summer Lover?

Heyy beautifuls, I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world who isn't particularly fond of summer when it comes to hair. I mean I love the vacay from school and all the other litlle stresses, but the weather is crazzzy.

Since we're experiencing a drought in Jamaica, the time has been
very hot and humid, and not to mention windy. Rain hardly ever falls, so water is a next concern. I don't know if its climate change or global warming or whaat girll, but the time is just soo hot, and the nights are no better.

So my hair isn't really able to withstand some of these conditions, when I'm outside. Because if I'm not sweating out my hair from the heat, the wind is doing a good job of blowing it out for me :( .

Friday, 1 August 2014

Review of African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray

Promises: African Pride Olive Miracle is rich in extra virgin olive oil for the ultimate in silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich, healthy scalp. Regular use dramatically reduces breakage, split ends, and dryness.
  • Soothes braid tightness and soreness
  • Relieves itching and dryness
  • Softens adds extra shine moisturizes and conditions
  • Excellent for locks and twists
  • Stops breakage split ends dryness
  • Relieves dry itchy flaky scalp
  • Fabulous for natural or synthetic hair