Thursday, 16 July 2015

Product Review | LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder- Toasted Almonds

Hii beauties, today I'm reviewing the LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder. Let me just say off the bat first that I absolutely loveee this powder. It totally exceeded my expectations, and gives me such a nice glowy shimmery look.

Price: JA$400 (US$4-5)

Location: Clocktower, Half-Way-Tree

This powder totally changed my mind on makeup powders in general. I've never bought powders or foundations overall, and this is actually the first powder I've tried so I'm glad it was a hit. I chose this powder because my skin is veryyy oily, and I was scared to buy a liquid foundation because I didn't want it to have that oh so oily look. Plus powders overall are better for people with oily skin, so I chose to source one out.

I found this in a wholesale beauty shop, and because of its relatively low price I decided to buy it. I did do research before guys, and most of the reviews I found were really positive, so I decided to get Toasted Almonds. There's not a lot of reviews really or swatches, so please make a careful decision in which shade you get.

 Mineral Pressed Powder is a whisper light powder that allows the skin to breathe. Use it to bring life to bare skin or to extend the life of foundation. Mineral Pressed Powder is talc-free and fragrance free for a natural coverage with a velvety smooth finish. Includes compact case with mirror and applicator.

Talc & Fragrance Free
Long Lasting
Velvety Smooth Finish

 With Flash

Without Flash

As you can see, the color blends pretty well with my skin tone, the one without the flash is not really that noticeable, so it works well with skin.

It can work as a finishing powder powder to set your makeup, or it can be used to replace your regular foundation. Because I have no makeup really lol, I used this as my foundation. It gives about medium coverage I would say, and gives a nice shimmery soft look.

I really do love the design of the compact, it has a nice professional looking mirror for the price, and a white sponge. I honestly prefer using the sponge, but you can totally rock it with a brush, just preference really. What I absolutely love about it though is that it really controls the oil on my face, so my face still looks pretty cool like I just applied it.

This was after I came back from the movies so its not really as fresh and you might see lil frizzies. I only had on the LA Color powder and a touch of concealer on my forehead, chin and undereyes.

I do have some acne, mainly cause of my period so it does a good job of making them more discrete. I have used this three times, and I haven't broken out from it and it was surprising cause I also have a lil eczema which can act up with certain products used. But so far it hasn't cause any pimples for me which is another plus.

It hardly really smells too, I mean it smells like makeup but not that strong, which I also love.

So basically this it a pretty good product to get on if your new into makeup like me. Or if you wanna try out a powder or something light and simple for your face.

This is Abbii Approved so you can definitely go try it out (:

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  1. Looking beautiful! I really liked the powder too and its amazing that its actually talc free (which is hard to come by in the makeup world) and a good price. I have been totally ignoring my powders lately in spite of the hot weather but your post has rekindled my affinity for this powder - definitely will try to incorporate it into a routine. Btw - what lip product are you using - loving that colour! :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I had on the LA Girls Glazed Lip Paint in Peony (its a really soft pink), but most of it was rubbed off though.
      Girlll I remember when I was scouring to find reviews on it before I could make up my mind to actually buy the product...and I found your blog. So thanks for your review on the product (:
      Im so glad I bought it, gave me a totally different outlook on makeup powders. The price and quality of the product is amazing. It works great for me in the hot weather, cause my face oils up in minutes. I do have plans to maybe try other foundations in the future, but this powder is def not going anywhere!


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