Thursday, 6 August 2015

Weight Gain Update- 7 weeks (With Pictures)

What's happening Fam?
Well I've still been on my weight gain journey. I know I haven't given you guys any ideas regarding what I do to gain weight or what I've been eating. But I'll get right on that.

So two months later and where are we?
I started June 10th, the day after Summer started for me. In the beginning I measured myself and was:

June 10th- Wednesday
Hips- 30 inches
18 and a half inches
Waist- 25 inches
uttocks- 33 and a half inches
Arms- a little below 9 inches

At 7 weeks, July 29- Wednesday

Hips- 33 inches
Thighs- 22 inches
Waist- 27 inches
Buttocks- 36 and a half inches
Arms- 10 and a half inches

P.S. I'm actually 8 weeks post today, but I had this post sitting for a week, I don't know where the time went guys.

The first two pictures are from my first day starting (left) to 8 weeks (right)

This from the first day starting (left) to 7 weeks (right).
At this present moment my thighs are a few centimeters bigger, because I'm now in my 8th week. I didn't measure myself today because I forgot lol, and I prefer to do them first thing in the morning, before I have breakfast. So more likely I'll leave that till tomorrow. Yes, I know I have stretch marks around my butt, but I've always had them. You can also see it in the before pics, so I didn't get them while gaining weight. So that pushed me more to exercise as well, because I didn't want any more stretch marks. I only have them around my butt and knees.

My thighs are really sturdy though, they hardly jiggle lol thanks to exercising. But I was really surprised how well they expanded, and how firm they were.

My face also gained some weight too, and my cheeks have become a bit chubbier too.

May 2015 ( I look so young here lol. It's by no means my best pic but was the most recent one I could find before the weight gain)

July 10 2015
So you guys can see I've gained a substantial amount of weight. I'm very happy and pleased with it, trust me. I've worked very hard as well, but over time you get used to it. My main reason though for wanting to have gained weight was to give myself a healthier look, and to reach my recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) which is basically the weight you should be at based on your gender, age, activity level and height. And I wasn't at it. My recommneded BMI was about 125-130lbs, and I was at like at 100lbs. 

I remember last year summer at the beginning I was at 100lbs, but at the end of summer I weighed about 112lbs, which was good. But by December I was 102lbs which was kinda sad. And by May I'm pretty sure I was probably at 100 or maybe 99/98lbs. Its mainly because of my high metabolism why I'm usually losing weight, well when I'm back at school. And I did eat regularly- breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack after dinner or before. But it still wasn't enough. Some people can gain weight like this, but Abby doesn't. And that's basically my #1 challenge looking forward, because I don't wanna lose all this weight I worked for. But your girl is devising a plan to help maintain or even gain weight at school. So you will see that soon.

Last quick thing before I close, don't want this post to be too long. If you guys followed up with me before, you'd know I was only doing exercises for my lower half, like lunges, hip raises, hip abductions, squats etc. (I use the best butt fitness app available on android and apple, really great app to use on your lower half). And my legs are pretty good now. I can basically only fit into two pants, almost all my buttoms can't go up on me. So you girl needs some clothes lol. My butt is growing steadily, but it's much harder to gain weight in you butt than they make it out, trust me. I mean it looks much better than before lol, but it's okay for now. So because I've been working my lower half since the start of summer, I've switched now to upper half- more specifically my belly. I'm not gonna lie my belly has been poking out a lil, my fault really for not working it out as well in the beginning. I guess because my stomach was flat already initially, I thought it was gonna stay that way as I gained weight, I'm crazy right? So I've cut my leg workout starting from August, and I've been trying to get into more ab exercises to help flatten my belly a lil before school.

P.S. I actually don't have a set goal where I wanted to reach by the end summer, in terms of weight. And because I don't own a scale now which is sad, I have to use my tape measure and mirror to kinda fill me in. I do plan however to get myself weighed in on a scale, just to know how well I did. But I've never been this heavy before, so I can't wait to see.

That's all for this post today, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to hit me up in the comment box or email me.

Ciao for now (:


  1. Wow - great progress! I wouldn't worry about stretch marks - whilst I have had them at times (during puberty) they eventually disappeared on me, I think moisturisers help - cellulite however is a different story ... Keep it up cutie :)!

    1. Thank youu! Its been a tough 2 months, but I'm so happy with the results. I was actually thinking about returning to my cocoa butter to help fade away some of the stretch marks, but its been so hot. So maybe later down in the year I'll go back to that. But exercising helped a mill, and made the process of gaining weight much easier, plus who doesn't like toned legs? lol. Thanks for your kind words :D


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