About Us

Hello world, this is Naturally Evolved. This blog is created by two bestfriends with a love for everything hair related. Both on their journeys, Shauna and Abigail try to accomplish the age old myth that 'black people cannot grow their hair long'. But after seeing the success of other hair gurus, they certainly believed that their hair could grow long as well. However, they're still teens, and they've gone through their share of comments and side eyes from friends and family. And growing up in Jamaica, most people think as long as you aren't mixed, your hair simply isn't going to grow that much. But they don't believe that jive.

This blog was ultimately created to document and share the experiences of these two young ladies, as they both go through their journeys to achieve longer, thicker and most of all healthy looking hair.

So please follow us as we show you how your dream length can become your reality.