Thursday, 4 September 2014

How can you Regrow your Edges- Part 3

Heyy people, this is part three of my short Edges Series and if you've missed parts one and two you can click here and here

So if you guys tuned in, you would've known already that I've lost my edges too. And let me say its probably one of the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a woman. Many ladies suffer from thinning edges, whether it be from postpartum shedding or tight braids/weaves. So I'll be sharing some good tips that has helped me, and can certainly help you if your looking to regrow your edges.

[1] Scalp Massage Baby!!!- I can't stress how important this step is, in your quest in regrowing your edges. It is a boring thing to do, I won't lie.....but it will give you the results. It's also pretty easy too, all you need to do is use your finger tips and move it in circular motions around the problem areas. You should never use your finger nails though, because it will only damage your scalp. I recommend doing this at least 5 minutes per day, but surely if you can do more, do it! You can probably do 5 in the morning and a next 5 minutes in the night before going to bed. This will help to increase blood circulation/flow so that nutrients can rush to the scalp, and allow growth to take place. So try your best to scalp massage as much as you can throughout the day for optimum growth.

[2] Topical Growth Aids- These growth aids are your natural oils that you can use along with your scalp massages to boost your growth. Natural oils help alot more when they are massaged in rather than when they are just left on the scalp. Some natural oils that help to stimulate the scalp are:
Castor Oil/ Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Pimento Oil/ Red Pimento Oil
Coconut Oil
Cayenne Pepper Oil
Emu Oil

They are also special growth aid cremes that are advertised to help thicken edges/napes. I do believe as long as it doesn't contain too many chemicals or petrolatum and/or mineral oil, you can use them. But steer clear from petrolatum and mineral oil, cause they will only block your pores and inhibit grow from occuring, and that's the opposite of what we want.

[3] Stretch your Relaxers- When your edges are thinning, the worst thing you wanna do is to add chemicals on it, because it will only make it worse right? So instead, stretch your relaxers out a little longer. It will help give you time to recover from your thinning edges plus it will give your hair a little break from relaxing. I recommend relaxing at least ten weeks if you want to regrow edges. However depending on the extent of your damage, you can decide how long you think you would like to take. But the earliest would be ten weeks in my book.

[4] Basing you Edges before Relaxing- This is another important step we should always remember, especially if your hairdresser is one that likes to go through your new growth alot. So when you base your edges/nape it will help to slow down the relaxer process, so that your edges won't be overprocessed/thinner. And you should know that its very easy for your edges/nape to get burned because they process more quickly so there more susceptible to damage. You can use petroleum jelly/vaseline or a natural oil to base your edges. As of lately I do use both, I would use some of my African Pride Oil or Pimento Oil and then use some of my petroleum jelly afterwards just for extra protection. My edges/nape do not come out under processed when I use this method. I do recommend other ladies to try this method if you fear your edges are weakening or worsening because of your relaxer, or maybe you just want edges to be more protected during the process.

[5] Tight Braids/Weaves/Wigs- Most of you guys know this already, so no need for any long explanation really. If you have the slightest issue with your edges, and are worried that it might get worse with a protective style, chances are you should just leave it alone. Sometimes even with the best of care while having in braids/weaves, our edges can still deteriorate. Because once its tight and pulling on your edges its just gonna weaken them. Not trying to deter anyone from these styles, but certainly if your edges aren't strong enough to withstand that pressure at that time it would just be best to leave it. On the other hand wigs are an alternative to braids/weaves, but it can still damage your edges so be carefully as well when choosing the right wig.

[6] Tight Hairstyles (ponytails and buns)- And this is one that everyone should know. Basically lose the tight styles, especially when putting the hair in a ponytail. The ponytailer (hair band or scrunchie) should go around the hair 3 times or 4 the most depending on how slack it is. If you feel like the edges are being dragged too tight, just slacken it a bit more or put the ponytailer around two or three times instead.

[7] The beloved Brush and Gel- These two things are really addicting, and if you can't control yourself it can be very damaging to your edges. So the number one rule when it comes to thinning edges is 'Moderation'. Therefore geling every single day is not possible for you if you are trying to regain your edges. What you can do is to simply leave the gel for more important days/events, rather than just a regular Monday. Its also a method I follow, so if I feel like I wanna jazz up my edges for a particular day/event I would do so. I don't really set limits, but I've never pass 8 gel sessions for my relaxer, and I usually stretch around 11-13weeks. So monitor yourself with how often you gel, because if you are consistent with your scalp massages too, you will realize that they will get messed up some part during the day.

[8] Tight Headbands- Well this one is really personal to me, because these were what broke my edges off. So simply put avoid wearing tight headbands, especially directly on the edges and nape. Instead try slack headbands that won't cause too much stress on your edges. P.S. If you have any tight headbands, you can stretch them out a lil with your hands to get them to slacken.

***Also do not forget to moisturize, cleanse (shampoo) and condition/deep condition your edges so that they can have an healthy environment to grow in.

Thanks for reading my lengthy tips lol, but come back for Part 4, Best Products for Regrowing Edges.

Do you guys follow these tips? Have they worked for you? Well tell me in the Comment box :)


  1. I am really protective with my ends. My right side thinned due to stress and whatever else. Thankfully, they grew back but they aren't as thick as my left side. Scalp massages helped tremendously. Not wearing tight styles and skipping having that area relaxed also helped.

    1. Yes scalp massages are our saviour through our thinning moments lol.....I'm glad to hear you regrew your edges, and the same goes with me as well because my right side is a bit weaker and thinner than the other side.

      I dont fool around with my edges anymore because I've seen the aftermath of it all, and would never wanna be in that position I was last year. But hopefully later down I can fully get mine back :)

    2. Being without edges is awkward because you can't really wear styles that are pulled back off your face as it reveals a little too much of what's really going on -- no edges. I forever stayed swooping my hair over to the right side to hide my busted edges.

    3. I totally had the same experience too when my edges were disastrous. I tried my best to hide them, because I thought people were gonna look at them. However I had to accept the fact that it was gonna take time and patience for them to fully grow back :D

  2. Great tips! I've been using Njoy's long &healthy oil for my overall hair growth and it has been helping a lot including my nape.

    Quirkybrownlove.blogspot. com

    1. Thank youu Bree! Ive heard about that oil and its positive reviews on hair growth....would love to try it one day too. And I'll certainly visit your blog :)


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