Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wash Day: Wet Wrap

Hii guys, this was probably a really bad day for me to wash my hair. As you can tell from the titile, I did a wet wrap as my style but it wasn't what I planned at all. My hands and back were so tired from shopping, cause I had to go to the supermarket. And lil ole me thought I could manage the groceries by myself and walk home, but when I realize I couldn't it was too late to turn back and take a taxi. So I struggled home with the groceries and it was such a terrible walk, but never again!

Prepoo- I prepooed overnight with my Vo5  Moisture Milks Strawberry and Cream, along with my apple cider vinegar and oil mix (which comprises of African Pride Growth Oil and Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil, and I added two drops of my rosemary essential oil).

Cleanse- I shampooed with my Mane n Tail Shampoo.

Reconstruct- I used my Aphogee two minute Reconstucter, and this help removed some of the tangles I had from the braidout the previous week. I loveee this.

Deep Condition- I used my Mane n Tail Original Conditoner and my Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. After, I detangled because my hair was feeling good from the Aphogee, so detangling wasn't bad at all. Then I went under the dryer for thirty minutes to deep condition.

Leave Ins- I used my Mane n Tail Conditioner as my leave in this week (it can also be used as a leave in, as stated on the bottle). Then I sprayed some of my diluted setting lotion to my hair to prep for my roller sets.

Style- Well I started doing my roller sets, and after I did five I couldn't do anymore. My back and hands were still hurting me from the day before from all the load, so I had to scrap that. I took the five rollers out my hair and I proceeded to air dry. But it was taking too long and I wanted to lay down so badly. So I wrapped my hair and went under the dryer for 10mins. My hair didn't even finish drying, but I couldn't sit up anymore so I just tied my scarf over my head and let it finish drying for the night.

Results-  It actually wasn't bad, it came out a lot straighter than I had thought. My ends were kinda dry, and I guess it was from the air drying. Because my ends hardly accept moisture when its air dryed, but the 10mins under the dryer really did help my hair from frizzing up. So its either going in a bun or in my claw clip this week.

This was my first time doing a wet wrap....well it wasn't a full wet wrap because my hair was dried a bit. But I would do it again tho, if my back and hands fail me lol....or if I'm just extremely lazy too :)

However my goal though for the rest of the relaxer is to massage, massage, massage and keep at it on those edges. So simplicity is what I'm doing for the other three weeks left....therefore noooo fuss and muss :)

Also check out the other ladies and there wash day posts as well #washdayexperience.

How has your wash day been treatin' yaa?


  1. Your wet wrap turned out so well. I've never done one before. I may try it one day.

    Don't Touch The Hair

  2. Thank youu girlyy, trust me I thought my hair would've turned into a huge frizz ball. It saved me alot of work and pain from the rollers lol :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it does!! I only use light protein conditioners tho, like the Aphogee because it still leaves my hair feeling moisturized and soft :)

  4. Your wash day was filled with protein. Your hair much be so strong now. I do wet wraps when my hair is freshly relaxed.

    1. Yess it did feel stronger, especially after using my Mane n Tail Conditioner as my leave in....I dont know y I didnt use it earlier though because the results were great.

      I would do wet wraps again too, because its really easy to do and doesn't give me frizzy hair....I mite even do it nxt wash day :)

  5. Your hair is soo shiny! I love the idea of a wet wrap, sure gonna give it a try, even if I doubt that I'm gonna have such good results my hair has way to much texture.

    1. Thanks so much girlyy :) and please do try it cuz I thought mine was gonna be a complete disaster given the fact that it didnt even dry properly lol....but I wud love to see urs.

  6. Your wrap set came out really nice in spite of everything. I also like wrap sets but I've only done on them with really wet hair...took a while to dry though.

    1. Thank youu Dr. Fomsky!! Yes they do take some time to dry, luckily my hair was damp because I was not in the mood to stay under the dryer so long lol :)


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