Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Relaxer Update | New Cut and Hair Update

Hii my beauties and dudes.

I got some news for you, I did another cut again. Yes, I know things are a bit confusing. This whole year with my hair was confusing, especially since I wasn't blogging that much to fill you guys in. I was gonna post some of the relaxer updates you missed, but I decided to scratch that. But basically I was still struggling with the thinning. I do have fine hair. but since last year September my hair was thinning and I could not figure out why. So I went from almost Bra Strap Length to Shoulder Length then to Armpit Length then to Shoulder Length again, then now to above Shoulder Length. It's been a crazy year, but now I'm hoping I'll have control of things again.

If you follow me on instagram, which you really should be doing, link 
here, you would've seen a pic of my recent relaxer already.

This was after I got back from the hairdresser, so yea I have that tired oily face look lol. The right side of my hair is a little longer and thinner than my left side.

The back is thin as well so there are some see through spaces that aren't cute :(

I usually pin up the left or right side depending how I wanna rock it the day to the side, and leave the other side hanging. I do this mostly because the two sides are uneven. I'll ask the hairdresser to even it up the next time I go to relax.

I did relax this time around with the Creme of Nature Nourishing Lye Relaxer, and it's my second time using this relaxer. It did give me burns, mostly because I scratched the heck out of my scalp. But apart from the burns I sustained lol, I really do like this relaxer. My hair comes out much better with this than with the CON Straight from Eden, which I'll be doing a review on soon.

I've once again simplified my regimen, it's so simple that it should be illegal lol. This is to give my hair a chance to just do it's own thing, and see how well it will get better on its own, rather than using a million and 1 products.

I'm not really sad about my hair being this short, I'm okay and it's kinda fun having short hair again. The only thing I miss is the hang time with my ponytail. But I can still do buns with this length, and can get a pretty decent size. I'm happy about the decision I made to cut my hair, cause it was a mess. It was wayyy thin and had no substance to it. My hair still being thin, feels much better and thicker now than last time. The back of my hair is thinner, than the front and sides, but hopefully it will build itself up again.

So instead of using different oils and deep conditioners in the past, to get my hair back, I'll just leave it to do it's thing. So my wash days are gonna be much simpler now in terms of what I'll use. But I've begun roller setting again, I do wanna get my hands on some smaller flexi rods, but for now I'll work with what I have.

That's about it now though.
I'll also have to probably touch up my new growth sooner this time, since my hair is shorter. So maybe I'll get it done at 8 weeks post now.

Thanks again for reading guys.
I'll keep you updated.
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  1. I don't know much about relaxers but when I did have one - deep conditioning treatments really did help my hair. Especially Lekair Cholesterol (the pink/peach one in a tub/jar) my natural hair still likes it now but its hard to find in the UK. I agree simple methods work best and after reading this blogs hair posts I decided to trim/dust my hair and my hair has really improved and I actually made a regimen (kinda) lol.

    I like your hair cut and the shape suits you - I think its great to focus on hair health over mere length as I'd rather short healthy hair than long hair filled with split ends. I think you did the best thing and short hair has its benefits. I'll await to read about more updates - take care :)

    1. Thanks so much! It's kinda weird now having short hair, cause my hair was growing well on my healthy hair journey. I'm hoping soon to go natural because I've gotten tired with dealing with this straight hair lol. Especially since my hair at the moment isn't still at its healthiest now....and everyone is natural now, so I think the support is def there. Thanks for your kind words chica ;)


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