Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hey, I'm Shauna

Hi friend I'm Shauna ! :) *virtual hugs*. First of all thank you so much for visiting Abigail's and I blog it's really appreciated hope to see you again soon !

    Okay, so lets get into before I started my hair care journey. For the majority of my life I had neck length hair it was never super damaged but it needed some work and I knew I wanted longer, healthier hair. First of all, I knew nothing about hair care and I would always listen to other people on how to care my hair and they would tell me the many hair myths like don't wash your hair often it will grow and trim ends often blah blahh.... I also had many bad hair care habits such as flat ironing frequently, leaving the relaxer in too long which resulted in thin, over processed hair.
     In about the summer of 2012 I started to use a deep conditioner by Dr miracle and I noticed it made my hair grew a bit so then I started to research the entire line because I was contemplating buying all the products smh so silly lol. Any who I started watching
reviews on youtube then some how, some way I came across some videos talking about "black women can grow long hair too" "waist length in 4 years" titles like those and I thought these people must be mixed or something ! So I watched a many more vidoes telling me how to grow long healthy black hair and in September 2012 I stared my hair journey.
      The beginning of my hair journey I watched youtube videos then a hair youtuber recommended I joined hair blogs and so I did and I became hooked. I was a bit skeptical at first but I started to show great results and proved it is possible for black women to grow longer healthier hair. I bought products and I failed a couple time but I still went on.
       I had not had any major set backs during my hair care journey the only one might have been improper detangling and not using the right conditioner which broke some hair off but nothing too major and my hair being uneven with thin ends which you will see in the pics below. Apart from that my journey is going very well and I am addicted to hair care. I talk about it all the time, and I am a tiny bit of a product junkie. Let's just say I'm very passionate about hair care.
       I hope that you stick around and follow me on this journey please tell us in the comments when you started your hair journey.

Here are a few progress pics: 

September 2012

February 2013

       both April 2013 (left freshly relaxed. right next day after wrapping hair)

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

December 2013

March 2014 (hair half down/half up)

April 2014

June 2014


  1. Nice to meet you Shauna. Great progress. Good luck on your hair journey.


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