Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hi, I'm Abigail

Hey guys, my name is Abigail Cameron, but I usually go by Abbii. I'm from Jamaica, and I have relaxed hair.This post is entirely about my hair journey, how it started, some of my setbacks, and how I dealt with them. Plus some of the goals I want to achieve from here on.

I've always had the need to get longer and healthier looking hair, and even used to search for products online off my hairdressers recommendation. But I didn't really have a love for hair, until my friend, also the co creator of the blog, Shauna shared some of the stuff she found out on the internet about hair. Then I started to check it out a bit, because I think I was still struggling with my hair. Then I saw the light. I mean so much information, so many products, and so many long haired black women. I didn't even know where to start.

So after reading, and watching some YouTube videos I realized that my hair can grow long too. But my hair has been through alot. I've had  heat damage twice in 2011 and in 2013, and had to do a mini chop in both cases. I've had really, and I mean really thin hair one time in my life, due to a reckless hairdresser who always flat ironed my hair. Which led me to believe that using direct heat was the best way to style my hair which resulted in me getting heat damage in 2011, like I mentioned above.

                                                          2011 (after my hair was cut from the heat damage)

                                                                                  2013 (after hair was cut from heat damage)

I've also had major tangles too, and chemical damage, by a relaxer. So yes I've been through alot with my hair, and remarkably its still on my head.

But I think my hair journey started in the later months of 2013, when I was in grade 11. Despite I was introduced to it earlier, when I was in grade 10, I was still a bit confused. I was trying to find and look for what really worked for my hair, and to see what my hair liked and disliked. I still had problems with my new growth, detangling, and plus I had heat damage in 2013 which had set me back a little and caused me to do a mini chop as I stated before. So I had lost an inch and in other parts like an inch and a half of hair. And later down I had also suffered from chemical damage, as some of the relaxer was on my previously relaxed hair and it weakened it a bit.

So I mean I've had my share of setbacks, and I corrected most of them, and if not, I'm in the process. I've dealt with these hair problems just by changing some of my hair habits. So heat is not really a problem, because I don't use direct heat often. Very rare, you'll find me with a flat iron or blow dryer. I've also worked on my detangling method by detangling after I've finished deep conditioning. And as for my chemical damage, which took me a while to realize I had, was just to increase on the protein with my hair. And to ensure that my hair is properly protected before letting my hairdresser apply my relaxer.

So with that said, I'm currently working on achieving thicker hair, and to claim back my edges. My edges had started to thin out due to tight headbands, but I'll speak more on that in a next post. I have armpit length hair, and hope to achieve bra strap length next. But recently I've not been rushing length a lot, I got more interested in the overall health of my hair. So I'm not chasing thin unhealthy locks, no sir.

Despite the name says hair 'length' reality, we do want to achieve length, but not stringy, see through looking ends. Health is the most important factor when it comes to achieving length, so if your ends aren't healthy then it doesn't make sense to hold on to them for the sake of your hair looking longer. So its just a point to keep in mind during our journeys.

Well I tried to give a very brief post on my hair lol, but continue though to come back and check out the blog for more in depth posts about my hair.

Now its time for progress pictures (:

               June 2013 ( sorry for the quality of the pic, but my hair stops in the middle of the shirt where the curve is)

                                                                                       October 2013

                                                                                         January 2014

                                                                                             April 2014

*** I relaxed my hair June 2014, but because I had flexi rod curls I didn't take a length pic.
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How's your healthy hair journey going?


  1. Your hair has made fantastic progress. I look forward to seeing more progress from you and Shauna. HHJ

  2. Your hair looks amazing will follow your journey!

  3. I'm Jamaican too girl!!! I started my journey in April, sigh I have totally had my share of ups and downs with the stylists/hairdressers who don't actually care about the health of your hair but just how it looks when you walk out the door. The more i researched the more i realized no one will love and care for your hair as much as they are supposed to unless it is you. I spent around a couple months just researching like crazy before i actually started my hair journey this April and with all the knowledge that i have acquired I need to be setback free. I'll keep following your blog and watching your progress!!! Guh deh gyal

    1. Can I tell you girl, most of the hairdressers I had didn't really focus on the health of my hair either mostly the style. Its something a bit common in Ja. tho. Im glad uve started ur journey and wish yu all the best on it, and do hope u have no more setbacks aswell cuz there the worst. Thanks so much for commenting nd yeaa gyal yu dun know! :)


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