Sunday, 28 June 2015

New Product Alert | ORS Shealicious

Heyy beauties, coming at you guys again with a new product that recently hit the shelves. Its by ORS and its called Shealicious. We all know ORS, and they've given us some great products. I haven't tried this out for my self but they look scrumptious (:

Its a DIY cocktail mix where you add there therapeutic oil into the container which contains the conditioner which is made up of shea butter, get it? lol. So simply put, the therapeutic oil will be mixed to your shea butter conditioner to give you your shealicious cocktail.

There's three different conditioning cocktails, these are:

Shine Booster Conditioning Cocktail
Moisture Lock Hair Conditioning Cocktail

Scalp Relief Hair Conditioning Cocktail

They look like food right? When I first saw them at my local bss I actually thought they placed yogurt on the shelves. But I love the cute look, totally makes you wanna go buy it.

They also have two more products in the line, the Moisture Mist Leave-in Conditioning Spray and the Cleansing Balm Sulphate Free Hydating Shampoo. More info can be found on there site here .

I totally think its worth the try, so will you buy it today?
If you already bought it and tried it, how was it for you?
Please comment and share your thoughts and reactions to this new product.
Ciao for now (:

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