Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shauna's Fitness Journey

Hey everyone, it has been forever since Abby and I blogged but we're here for good now. Well since I'm on summer break now one of my main summer goals was to start a health and fitness journey. So good so far.

Diet, Fitness Routine

 I'm not on any diet I just eat less and make healthier choices. In terms of exercising I exercise 10 mins a day cause that's all I can take don't judge me lol. In time I will increase the duration. I try to exercise 5 times a week but I'm lazy so I do 3x the least. I use apps like best butt fitness and Sworkit Lite - workout trainer

Weight loss

 I had gained quite a bit off weight due to exam stress but since being on this fitness journey I've lost 5lbs YAY! I do plan on losing about 5lbs - 10lbs more it just all depends on how I look and feel.


Starting July 1 I'm will be doing a 30 day butt and ab challenge. I'll keep you guys updated on how that goes


  1. That's great! Love from Brazil! :)

  2. O this is Candese btw lol, dont get excited

  3. Lol thanks Candese. Be sure to check out our other posts :)

  4. 10 minutes a day is good (better that what I've been doing). I like the whole eat less but good choice part - I definitely don't think I eat a lot but when I do get the munchies I end up making bad (cake) choices. I've never heard of these apps - they sound good. I'm sure you'll reach your goal :)!

  5. thanks so much and yes you should definitely give the apps a try :)


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