Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Length check/ Relaxer Update

Hey lovess, ;) lol. I relaxed my hair at about 2 days shy of 15 weeks post relaxer. As you can see from the pic above I need a trim. I feel like I say I need a trim every relaxer haha. Anyways I'm almost at BSL wooohooooooo!

I did switch my relaxer to Motions Professional hair relaxer in regular. Why I switched? I was just in the mood don't get me wrong Optimum was bomb but I just felt like trying the motions relaxer.

I did trim off some hair all around when I was one week post relaxer but I need a blunt
straight across cut at the back of my hair. I don't know if I'll let the hairdresser do it or not just cause I have trust issues.

I feel like since using lye relaxers my hair is a lot thicker since lye relaxers don't relax the hair bone straight but I will forever struggle with thin ends because I have fine strands *sigh*.

Overall this was a good relaxer but some texture was left in the nape of my hair though because the relaxer was burning so the relaxer had to be rinsed out earlier than usual.

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  1. Will you go back to optimum? Great resuts!

  2. I don't know but for now I don't think I will. Thank you ! :)

  3. Great progress ... How do you trim it yourself? Do you pony tail it and the cut a bit off the ends or let your hair out and the snip? Oh and what about dusting ... is that a regular thing to do every week or so? ... I've been out of the hair world for a while so I'm clueless and confused about these things and your obviously know what you're doing so .. Some tips please :)

  4. Thanks so much... yes I put it in a low pony tail and cut off a small amount of the ends just to get an even straight across cut. And about dusting I do not do it every week maybe like every 4 months but if I see split ends I will snip them off. Lol I'm no hair expert it's trial and error. It does depend on your hair though...it's a learning process because I used to trim my hair every 2- 3 months but I was not seeing a lot of growth so I started to trim it every 6 or more months and it's working for me but just see what your hair can handle and go from there :)


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