Sunday, 5 July 2015

Only Few Will Actually Get To Heaven

Hii loves, from the title already you can probably figure where this post is going to go.
My inspiration actually came from Matthew 7 vs 13-14, the NIV (New International Version) reads, "enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it."

So first quick question, do you think you'll be going to heaven?

You might be hesitant, cause I was too. At the time when I actually read this verse, I was more committed to becoming a better Christian. But before I don't think I would've made it at all, because I kinda had lost my way.

So without getting into too much stories right now, I basically became lost within the world. I was looking to more worldly things after a while, and following what everyone was doing. But I realized a while back that just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean its cool with God.

 Basically when you reflect on this verse with the wide gate vs the narrow gate, only the Christians who are true to God's words and follow them will be permitted into heaven. Unlike the others, who don't and will end up in hell.

So maybe your wondering how do I ensure I make it to heaven and not hell. Well simply put don't follow up with evil things, cause if your not doing good, your doing evil. There is no medium good/evil like we sometimes think lol. Evil does take many forms, its not gonna look like a big black ball. It can come from music, your thoughts, your intentions, things that you do like lying, stealing etc. So when you continue to listen, read, watch and do these things that aren't right, it doesn't look good and it especially doesn't look good in front of God. So be it, if you died today and last night you were watching porn, getting drunk with friends, snuck out your parents house and went to your bf's and to top it all off you had sex, hmm chances are you won't be going to heaven. Unless sometime before you died you confessed your sins to God and asked Him for forgiveness, then yea lol if you were serious about this you would've made it to heaven.

So most of the things I listed in the example are things that maybe you've done before. And if you realize its kinda common, or has been the norm for some. So its practically nothing now to have sex with your bf before marriage, or to sit down and watch some porn or get drunk in some club. And we just basically disregard what God had in mind for us to do, and follow our own selfish desires. So in Matthew, when it says the that the gate is wide, and the road is broad that leads to destruction, its true. Most people now do these things, or live a life full of sin, so hell basically needs a wide gate and a broad road to carry all these sinners. Whilst, those who are good, those who listened to God and followed His words will walk down that narrow road which leads to life. And just like in that slightly extreme but still kinda close to reality example, all you need to do is ask for forgiveness, and He will forgive. It's just that simple.

I hope you guys the main idea from quick post. Its one of my all time fav verses.
So thank you guys so much for reading.
Anything relating to this post, or if you have any thoughts on it you can definitely share below.
Ciao for now (:

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And ask for forgiveness today, not tomorrow. 


  1. Have you been reading my mind? ... totally needed to hear this post right now. I have battled with dilemma of trying to be in the world but not "of" it as well.

    Your post also reminds me of Luke Chpt. 16 vs 13-14 and the belief that everyone follows someone and has a master and that no one can really be loyal to two. I think that its really true, as even if someone doesn't believe in God there is something they do believe in (their country, government, success, fame, intelligence, money, beauty etc.) which in a way shapes their belief system and controls them but, ultimately such beliefs systems away from God are mere vanity (Ecclesiastes Chpt. 1 vs 1-2).

    I'm not the most biblically versed person but, I think those verses are linkable(?). Also, I think the world follows a utilitarian mantra that focusses on pleasure and living for the moment, thinking that the current ends of satisfaction can justify and warrant "any means necessary". I think that notion is flawed. Everything is costly and salvation was not free (Jesus died for the worlds sin). Gods way and purpose for humanity is loving and pure and to veer from it only causes destruction (sin) on oneself and others. It is very easy to fall into the trap of saying that other people are doing something so its ok but that is only self deception, as just because many people do something it doesn't necessarily mean it is right (but the world kinda follows this ideology especially in relationships/social "connections").

    My personal testimony (if it even be that) is that, in life I've learnt that sometimes the things that I have so eagerly wanted was not what I necessarily needed (especially at the time I desired/wanted it).

    Great post!

  2. Thank youu girll! :D
    And yess lol they can be linked, a similar reference is in Matthew 6 verse 24, which basically says that no man can serve two masters, because you will either love one and hate the other which I think is extremely true. In my own personal life I saw this to be true, because when I started to enjoy more worldy things, God was kinda far from my mind. Not that hatred developed, not at all...but I started to cling to other things than to God. So where my relationship decreased with God, it was strengthened in other areas which weren't good. And its like what I mentioned above as well in the post, that if you not doing good (God), your doing evil (world). And that basically sets or determines the path that you'll end up travelling on, be it heaven or hell. Yass linked! lol.

    And I totally agree with you, God's way, no matter how people may think its boring or too 'conservative' for them, is always the best way. Sex, drugs, money etc is only temporary and will always be temporary, even if everyone does it, but God's love is forever. And I know when everyone seems to be doing something it kinda seems okay for you to join cause everybody be doing it, but God has better things planned for us. He isn't surprised by the things that happen on Earth, cause He already knows it would happen, but its for important for us to keep the focus and not stumble.

    I also share your last point, because I had times where I had wanted something but it wasn't what I needed. And I guess when Jesus is there, it becomes more clearer what you need.

    Thank you so much for sharing chica.


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