Thursday, 9 July 2015

Easy Cheesy Recipe | White Cheddar Cheese Baked Spaghetti

Hii loves, toady I'll be sharing my recipe on how I make my special baked spaghetti. Its super duper easy, and the wash up is moderate. I just hate having a lot of dishes to wash up after I'm done preparing my meal, don't you? Well lets get into the ingredients (:

The ingredients are basically everyday items you can find in your kitchen, and you can use your own choice of cheese. I find that the white cheddar goes great with the spaghetti, and ensure you buy an all natural cheese. The processed ones won't melt well and will give a rubbery taste.


- Prepare sausage and chicken breasts. Add seasonings (onions, green bell peppers, escallion, scotch  bonnet pepper) and green peas to diced/ chopped sausages and let it cook. Cut chicken breasts into small pieces.

-Grater about 2-3 cups of white cheddar cheese.
-Boil 3-4 cups of water, then add spaghetti into pot, and leave for 12-14 minutes. Once cooked, drain the water out of the spaghetti.

- To make the cheesy white sauce for the spaghetti, measure out 4 tablespoon of flour and butter and 1 and a half cups of milk. Add the butter in a large enough pot on low heat and slightly allow it to melt. Then add the flour and begin to whisk. Gradually pour milk in to get a smooth rich thick white sauce. If you find you may need more milk be free to add.

- Once the sauce is ready, add about 1 and a half cups worth of cheese to the sauce and whisk until it completely melts. Be free to taste the sauce and see if its to your cheesiness (:

- Turn off the flame then add your spaghetti to the pot and stir with a fork. Ensure the spaghetti is completely covered with the sauce so it will be cheesy.

- Add the spaghetti to your casserole dish then you can add your chicken, sausage and beans and stir. Once its completely mixed to your liking, sprinkle the remainder of cheese to the top.

You'll have something like this.

I added a bit more cheese to my sauce to get it extra cheesy, and add less at the top.

-Then place the dish into your oven at 180 degree Fahrenheit, for 25 minutes.

When finished you'll get this

Cheesy goodness. YUM (:

Before I end, the serving size is about 4-5. I used about 12oz of spaghetti. So when I make this for me and my sister, it can serve us for two days.

And if you live in Jamaica, most of these products I used were by Grace. The spaghetti, green beans and smoked sausages were all by Grace. P.S. I used there smoked sausages, which has a really great taste.

This is a great meal for the family, it does pack in some calories though, so if your watching your weight don't go crazy with your portions. But if you wanna gain weight lol this is a good meal for you then.

Thanks so much for reading guys!
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