Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bunnin' It

Hii dumplings (: Most of my wash days been like the same since the start of summer. BUNS. BUNS. BUNS & BUNS. I've done mostly high buns, I just really can't stand the heat to let down my own hair. I'm still recovery from this set back I've been having and I did decide to cut some more of my hair. So I'm like a lil past shoulder length now, and honestly I'm OKAY. This setback made me learn a lot actually about my hair. I won't speak too much regarding that, cause I will be doing a hair update sometime in August about the whole experience. 

I'm 8 weeks post now, and the new growth is present

My previous wash day went like this:

1. Added oil mix (coconut oil, jbco, red pimento oil & rosemary oil) to scalp, and some coconut oil to my hair overnight without using a cap.

2. Shampooed with Straight from Eden Hydrating Shampoo

3. Conditioned with Jherri Redding for 12mins and CON Intensive Conditioning Treatment 2mins without cap.

4. Applied my Aphogee Green tea and Keratin Leave in, and mousse by Smooth n Shine

5. Waited for about 20 minutes until my hair was about 70% dry.

6. Then I added my Elasta QP moisturizer which are great for braid outs. Then I add a teeny amount of my hairdress by Motions, the review is here. Then I parted my hair in four and added a dime size of Eco Styler Gel to each section. I then proceed to braid each section.

7. Lastly I went under my hooded dryer for about 45 minutes to dry my hair. And from there, I allow it to air dry.

I love braid outs during the summer, and its the only style I've been doing since. I hardly wear them out fully cause of the wind, but I like them in buns though.

This was when I came back from doing lil shopping so plz understand the frizzes lol.

By that time my hair was almost 2 weeks since it had been washed, and my new growth is very evident. I'm actually thinking of touching up my hair soon, maybe next week.

But that's it for my wash day basically. All I do is plait my hair back in four so it can stay kinda curly, until I'm ready to undo it again.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Divaa! Nothing says summer like a curly ole bun (:

  2. That bun is EVERYTHING! I just wish that I was better at braid outs. SMH..My results are usually terrible. LOL

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience! Don't forget to add your badge! You can find it here.

    1. Thank you KLP, and your styles are always so creative and gorgg. But I know that not every braid out will turn out the way we want it. Cause I do have those off days were its just blahhh lol (:

      Totally forgot about the badge, thanks for the tip!


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