Monday, 18 August 2014

The Story of How I Lost my Edges- Part 1

Hey guys, had a busy week so not much posting was done hope you guys aren't angry though. But we're back, and feeling energized *whoot whoot* lol. So the title is pretty self explanatory, I lost my edges a while back in Decemeber 2013 and trust me it was not a fun experience. It was kinda a gradual thing, but its like one day I woke up they were there, next day they were gone, sighh. My edges used to be much fuller, but they were also fragile so it didn't take alot of tension to get them to leave. And that was my mistake.                   

These were the large headbands I wore.

Around the later months of 2012 I decided to buy some headbands, just to add a lil spiciness to my styles and also to help my edges stay flat and neat. I wore them constantly, almost everyday. Then one day I realize my edges were thinning a bit, and my suspicions were pointed to the headbands, so I stopped wearing them. Because they were really big and tight, I decided maybe I should go for a smaller band. My edges weren't that bad, but they were on there way in getting worse.


December 2012- This was around the time I was wearing the large headbands, but I had a different one in the pic- I honestly prefer this headband because it didn't break my edges out. But as you can see my edges were starting to thin a little bit.

I got the small headband, and I wore it on and off and eventually it got slack and I just never bought it back again. Then I purchased it again one day and I started to wear it alot with my flexis and buns, it was just so weird because I never used to wear it often and all of a sudden I felt like I couldn't leave the house without it. And usually when I wore it, I would slick my edges back a bit with the brush and a lil gel at times.


These bands are similar to the small headbands I wore.

So just imagine doing that plus the tension of the headband, yeaa that equaled to a disaster. So for that relaxer my edges were kinda gone, and it was just so fast. So doing that for almost two months really took a toll on my edges, but I had to remind myself that they weren't very strong in the beginning as well. But still I made it a whoolllee lot worse, trust me. And my family and hairdresser realized too, my hairdresser even told me too that it was because I was stretching too long, but I knew it wasn't that. But at first I didn't know what it was thinning my edges, so I didn't really know what to believe at a point. I went back and forth and I'm like was it that I was pulling them too tight in my ponytails? And I'm saying no...Was I combing it too much? Or was it really that I was stretching too long? It just wasn't making sense, then I looked at my edges and I saw a kinda pattern to the way it thinned out. Then i looked at my nape, and I saw a space there on both sides like it was set there perfectly to match the other, then I was like OHHHHH. Its the headband, so you know I ditched that.


October 2013 (one week post)
- This was some of the damage I got from constantly wearing the small headband. And it was this relaxer where most of edges thinned out.

It was very sad to look at my edges because I couldn't believe I didn't see it earlier. But by the time I found out my castor oil was basically finished. So I just decided that I might need something stronger if I wanted to see my edges regrow, so I bought the Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil, and I think that was one of my best decisions.

My edges are looking much better, but still I want them thick and full before I ever ease down.

Thanks for reading my story and I'll share what I did in part 2, How I Regrew my Edges. :)


  1. ya these are the practices that really affect a HHJ.glad to hear you bounced back. waiting for the update.

  2. Thanks soo much Aurorae! This was a really big setback for me, but I'm glad I managed to get back most of my edges tho. The part 2 will be posted soon which will show some of my updated pics, so stay tuned :D


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