Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Starting Healthy Hair Care

Hey guys, if your new at the whole healthy hair care I know it can be very overwhelming for you and you don't know where to start but to make it a little bit easier, here are a list of things you'll need to start your healthy hair care and why.

[1] Moisturizing shampoo: This is to cleanse the hair weekly or once every two weeks depending on your hair type. Preferably a sulfate free shampoo as to moisturize the hair but cleanse the scalp at the same time. This also prevents the hair from being stripped then drying out the hair.

[2] Clarifying shampoo: This is to be used every 4-8 weeks to strip the hair of product
build up overtime to prevent the hair from being weighed down and to prevent breakage.

[3] Deep conditioners: This must be used after every wash depending on what your hair needs at the moment and your hair type. Please allow the deep conditioner to sit at least for 30 mins with a plastic cap.
   Moisturizing deep conditioner: This is to give dry hair moisture by penetrating deep into the cortex and give the hair elasticity to resist breakage. This should be used if your hair feels straw like and dry.
   Protein deep conditioner: This is to give weak and damaged hair strength by rebuilding the hair and prevent the hair from being too 'mushy'. This should be used if the hair feel limp, mushy or too soft.

[4] Leave-in conditioner: This should he used after every wash to help in detangling, heat protectant and to put added strength/moisture to the hair. This can also be used as a moisturizer 

[5] Moisturizer: This is to hydrate and put moisture in the hair between washes as to prevent breakage because dry hair breaks.

[6] Natural oil: This is used to seal in the water based moisturizer to retain moisture in the hair for a longer period of time.

[7] Satin/silk scarf or bonnet: This is to protect the hair at night from breakage and drying out at night because cotton tends to draw moisture from the hair and this may result in break

[8] Wide tooth comb: This is to detangle the hair when necessary. I recommend using a wide tooth comb because it is more gentle and there is less breakage while a finer tooth comb tends to be rough on the hair  and breakage occurs.

You can see examples of all the products mentioned above from mine and abbii's regime here and here

Basic regimen
Clarify 1-2x monthly
Shampoo 1x weekly/biweekly
Deep condition with every wash
Apply leave in
Moisturize and seal with a natural oil everyday or every other day
Wear a satin/silk scarf/bonnet to bed
If you are relaxed i recommend relaxing at least every 8 weeks 

I  hoped this helped a lot but please find out what works for your hair and learn to listen to your hair because no two heads of hair are the same so try new things and see what your hair likes and doesn't like.

 Happy Hair Growing !! :)

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