Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Senegalese Twist: maintanance

Hey girlies, for the summer I decided to install Senegalese twists or Rope twists as we call it from Jamaica. I was a bit nervous to do it because I have not done this in such a long time but I really needed a little break from my hair. So here is how I maintain my twists.

I moisturize with African pride olive miracle braid sheen spray making sure to moisturize my edges then I would usually loosely put my hair into a low ponytail to avoid tension.

I will oil my scalp with mixture of Jamaican black castor oil and extra virgin olive oil if needed which is rarely because my scalp is being moisturized by the braid sheen spray.


I moisturize with sheen spray if braids feel dry then cover with satin scarf/bonnet. Since two satin scarfs do not fit on my head because I have a lot hair I had to improvise. So I just tie the satin scaft around the perimeter of my head to cover and protect my edges then cover the rest of the fake hair with the top part of a pantyhose. Might not be too attractive but it keeps the twists looking neat.

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