Thursday, 28 August 2014

Full Braid Out Results

Hii guys, this is a quick post of my full braid out results. I un-did the rest yesterday, and oh my did they come out dry. If you read my last wash day post, you saw some pics of my hair the following day, after I did my wash. When I un-did the two braids in my last post, my hair was so soft and silky....and had a good shine. However that wasn't the case yesterday when I pulled them out.

My hair kinda lost is luster, and I'm not entirely sure why. The night before I did spritz a lil of the Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructurizer in my hand and applied it to my hair. I also sprayed some of my watery setting lotion in my hair for a lil moisture, and I applied a few drops of African Pride oil to the braids. I'm not sure if it was the Aphogee, because my hair does accept protein pretty well, but surely I'll skip this step next time.

I wore the braids out and pinned each section with a bobby pin (I didn't take a pic of it though). When I went out of my house the sun wasn't shinning, but surely when I reached a few distances away, the sun started a blazing. So yes I did sweat through this style, and the wind also gave it a fight. So my hair got even drier, and I had to twist the front of each side, so it didn't blow in my face.

When I got home, my hair was like...

The sweat and wind got my hair so dry and frizzy. So I learnt that I should never ever ever trust the sun lol, and since I was running alot of errands and was walking up and down, it ultimately lead to that. I did enjoy it though, and I got some good compliments on my style :)

I still don't know what got my hair dry, but with practice I'll figure it out. However when I got home I still rocked my hair even if it was dry lol it was just fun to play with.

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