Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hair Update: Six Weeks Post Relaxer

Hey guys, I'm currently 6 weeks post relaxer, and at the moment I'm not having alot issues with my hair. This relaxer has been a good one so far, and I'm just trying to take things step by step. I relaxed my hair June 24, 2014, but because of graduation I decided to do flexi rod curls instead, so I didn't get to take a length pic after my relaxer. And at the same time, that was gonna be my last relaxer done by my hairdresser, because she migrated, sigh. However, I'll talk more on that next post.

                                                                           April 2014 (day after relaxer)- last relaxer

                                                                                    August 2014 (five weeks post)

My last visit was good, and my hairdresser did tell me that my hair was growing really fast, and that she couldn't believe how much new growth I had. So that was something really good to hear. But I knew though that I had more split ends this relaxer, so she did trim more hair off. I was totally okay with that, because I really wanted them gone as well, cause they were just thin and unattractive. I do believe its because I had my CXC exams doing, so I was under more stress, causing me to put my hair needs last. So from around April to June, I just did what I had to do to save time, so I could study cause these exams were HUGE. And honestly that's just how its gonna be at times with our hair.

My hair did grow though, a little past my armpit and my edges are looking better. But I'll do a next post regarding my edges. I do plan to stretch to 13 weeks this relaxer, so hopefully things will go great. I also purchased my first dryer in July, so deep conditioning sessions are much better now. So I'll continue to deep condition,  and moisturize and seal to ensure maximum protection, especially from the sun and wind. I also bought some Mane n Tail products, and I just wanna continue using them to see if my hair will improve. Mostly in terms of thickness and if it aids in preventing split ends. I've also been eying other products as well, cause I need a moisture leave in and I've been contemplating too if I should buy back some JBCO and use down the length of my hair to help with thickness. But I'm broke lol, so when I start back school and I get my allowance from my parents then I'll save up for some of these products. Sigh, but that's how it goes. :)

How are you guys doing on your journey?


  1. It really was a struggle to take care of my hair during CAPE. You know those nights when you study and when you're finished and you can barely even get up to turn off the light much less drag yourself to the dresser to do the whole moisturize and seal works. DWL girl I am broke too can't wait for the lunch money to roll in to purchase my hair products.:)

  2. Lool yes! It was really a struggle, especially when you wait on the last minute lol. Im just so glad that CXC is over with, but I know I might still have the same challenges with CAPE :( but I just got to shorten my wash days, and try studying earler next time. Yeaa girrll, u know addi lunch money thing a do it lol thats the only way I can support my healthy hair lifestyle :D

  3. do you texlax your hair or relax bone straight?

  4. Hi Ashley, my hair is relaxed bone straight, but I protect my hair so that it doesn't get too straight and limp.


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