Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hairdresser Talk

Hey guys, in my previous post Hair Update, I mentioned that my hairdresser migrated,  I'm really happy for her but where does that leave me now? Well first I must confess that she's been a good hairdresser on most parts. She followed most healthy hair tips like moisture/protein balance, scalp massages, detangling properly with a wide tooth comb, and others. However she was a believer that new growth had to be touched up every 6-8weeks, and would sometimes tell me that I had to relax it earlier, but I never paid her any mind on that lol. But aside from services she was a really good friend of mine, and she was also my neighbor so no long walks, or great distances to travel to get my hair done. Plus she always told me that I could come and set my hair over the salon and dry it too since I had no dryer at the time. So as a hairdresser, and most of all as a friend and neighbor, I'm gonna miss her. 
Before leaving, my hairdresser did recommend her clients to a fellow hairdresser that  she knew and worked with before. She told me that she was good, and had good work ethics, and the salon was also located near my area so I decided to check it out.

When I went to the salon, I was ta
ken a back by the size, especially since there are 3 hairdressers so its a bit small. I did inform her that I was sent by my hairdresser, and she was nice and responded well. Her price was slightly more expensive than my recent one because she told me that she only used the Profectiv No lye relaxer. I have never used that brand before, but I've seen good reviews on it so I guess I'll have to just wait and see.

There was another hairdresser I went to around my area before, because my recent hairdresser had a family emergency and wasn't available at the time, and I had to take my year book and school leaving pictures. So I wanted my hair to look great, so I went to the salon which was good looking, and had a great deal of space, dryers and chairs. I only went there to do a wash and set, but because I knew at the time that my hairdresser was lea
ving, I questioned her about her prices and what she normally does. So at a point I told her that I usually strech my relaxers to about 12 weeks, then her response was the ordinary I guess, why so long. Then she told me if I waited that long I had to pay extra to relax my hair. Yeaa, I was a bit peeved off by it, because she was basically telling me indirectly that if I don't relax by 6-8 weeks I had to spend more money on getting it relaxed at that many weeks post. So I just let her finish my hair, and came out, and honestly I don't think I'll be going back.

So from the scissors happy hairdressers to the 6-8 weekers, finding the right hairdresser can seem like a stressing thing to do. Hopefully the hairdresser I was recommended to does a good job, cause I don't like hairdresser hunting lol.

Have any of you guys had a bad hairdresser experience? Also has anyone tried Profectiv No lye Relaxer?


  1. yes I've tried it.the first time I used it was before my hair journey and it was left on too long so it came out too straight. the 2nd time around with my knowledge I successfully texlaxed my really its a good relaxer it comes with a color alarm shampoo so its good.

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  2. It's because of the hostility from the hairdressers and their bad hair care practices that I haven't been to a salon since April. I hope you find someone you can trust soon.
    I nominated you and Shauna for a Sunflower Blogger Award. The details are here >>

    1. Yes, its sooo hard to find the right hairdresser that can live up to our healthy hair standards girrrl! I'm really sorry to hear about ur experience, and honestly I've been through the same with past hairdressers as well who wouldn't mind just using a rake to detangle my hair :( but I really do hope I can find 'The One' soon tho
      Thank youuu so much for nominating me & Shauna for the Sunflower Blogger Award!!!! Really appreciate it Bee, and thank you for stopping by aswell :DDDD

  3. Why not do it your self? I ve never been to a salon to relax My hair

    1. Hii Lisa, yes I've thought about relaxing at home before but my mom isn't really welcoming of that idea. She would prefer me to go to the hairdresser for 'professional' services.

      I'm not totally against relaxing at a salon because I know there some good hairdressers out there, so I'm just hoping that I'll be blessed with a good one lol. But I'm glad to hear that you can self relax, and hopefully one day I can try too :)


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