Saturday, 2 August 2014

Is your Hair a Summer Lover?

Heyy beautifuls, I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world who isn't particularly fond of summer when it comes to hair. I mean I love the vacay from school and all the other litlle stresses, but the weather is crazzzy.

Since we're experiencing a drought in Jamaica, the time has been
very hot and humid, and not to mention windy. Rain hardly ever falls, so water is a next concern. I don't know if its climate change or global warming or whaat girll, but the time is just soo hot, and the nights are no better.

So my hair isn't really able to withstand some of these conditions, when I'm outside. Because if I'm not sweating out my hair from the heat, the wind is doing a good job of blowing it out for me :( .

So wearing my down straight is never usually an option for me, I don't even try to think about it. And my buns will end up turning into half ponytails too, since I don't use a sock. I can usually get away with ponytails because there's no hair is in my face for me to sweat alot, and t
hey can easily be fixed with a little nuzzle from your hands when the wind starts to get crazy if you know what I mean.

    Buns like this would never withstand the wind outside.

I do t
curlier styles is the best way to go for summer like flexi rods, bantu knot outs, twist outs or braids outs. Since it would be easier to fix when the wind blows, but if you perspire alot, especially from your scalp these styles can get poofy. Another suggestion may be braids with hair or without, and braids are very popular during summer. However when doing braids as a protective style please ensure your edges and nape are in good condition because they might thin out if the braids are too tight. You can also try buns with added hair so its more fuller and secure, ponytails with real or fake hair or some cute braids or twists.

But the wind, it just blows everything away,
all the dirt and sand just gets right in my face and hair, sigh. Well I can't wait for November and December to approach
, those months are usually better on my hair, and plus who doesn't like Christmas, not me lol.

Is your hair a Summer lover?


  1. Hey Abii about your bantu knots what do you use to keep the curls I did mine the other day and mane the curls didn't last too long any suggestions

  2. Hii Toya, I actually have never done bantu knots on my hair, but if I have flexi rods curls, spritz usually do help keep my curls holding up. You could try using the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream, I've heard good reviews on it and how it helps to set the hair when doing styles like that. Hope this helps :D


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