Monday, 25 August 2014

How I Regrew My Edges- Part 2

Hi again guys, I gave you a lil info on how my edges thinned out in the Story of how I Lost my Edges. So in this post I'll be basically explaining what I did to get them sit tight :)

Well most of you guys probably know from the story that my edges thinned out due to constant wearing of tight headbands. So I pretty much lost a good piece of my edges, I wouldn't say it was so much disastrous....but it was really really bad.

My method for growing them out was kinda simple, and it was just by scalp massaging and using Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil.  So it was easy right? umm, not really.

It was quite challenging in parts, because consistency was a big key to play. And if you guys ever scalp massaged before, you know that its not the 'funnest' thing to do. But when your edges are gone, scalp massages are gonna be your new bff lol.

So basically I just stuck to my routine and massaged, and massaged, and massaged as much as I could. I massaged almost everyday, sometimes even twice a day. However, I only massage daily when I'm at either 6/7 weeks post. Reason is because when my hair is freshly relaxed, its easily weighed down when I massage with my oil plus its still a bit fragile. So from 1-4 weeks post I'll just massage my edges only once or twice a week. But after 6 weeks post I then begin to massage daily, with my oil. And as I kept it up, I saw major improvement....even my hairdresser did and commented that I was doing a good job in regrowing my edges.

But patience was another thing that I had to exercise as well, because edges do not grow overnight, sadly :(. So even when I was consistent with my massages, I still had to wait several months for my hair to grow back at edges. However due to the extent of my damage, it did take longer for my edges to be filled.

This pic was taken in Oct 2013. Your seeing my right side which is my weakest side.
This was just 'some' of the damage I got from the headband. Later down in the relaxer I got more damage, but I didn't take any pics around that time though. So by Dec 2013 most of edges including my nape was really damaged

I also didn't take that much progress pics of my edges, or nape. But I've started doing it as of lately.

These pics were taken in July 2014 at 3 weeks post.

right side-weakest side (hair in bun)

left side (it looks like I have a line up lol)

      right side- hair is loosened from bun

       left side
            hair in bun- right side showing

So there has been major improvement up to this point. I'm really sorry though that I didn't take any pictures along the way, but most off all I wish I had taken some in December so that you guys could've seen the full on damage. Oh well :/. However, I'll be taking pictures now on, and at the end of this relaxer I'll give you guys an update of my edges and nape.

another thing I had to exercise throughout my setback was 'willpower'. And this was probably one of the hardest things to do during my journey. So the brushes and gels were completely monitored to a T. I had to ensure that my edges were growing well enough so that it could be filled back in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore I had to sacrifice certain styles and sleekness for the sake of my edges. So my nape and edges were a bit frizzy at times, as the new growth began to kick in. I'm not saying that I went without using any gel, but I had to select days in which I would choose to slick my edges down a lil bit. And it wasn't very frequent, maybe 6 or 7 times the most each relaxer, and I usually stretch about 11-13 weeks. I also got comments from friends/classmates at school as well about my edges and nape, about how my hair needs to be cremed (relaxed), how I need to start creming (relaxing) it earlier, how my edges need to brushed down or want gel, how my hair gonna pick out (thin out) if I wait so long to relax......All sorts of stuff, and that's where willpower comes into play as well. I just had to ignore them, and do what I thought was best for ''my edges''. Some of these people who were even commenting had thin edges themselves, and in my mind I'm like seriously lol. But maybe if some of them weren't so hasty and rude with there comments, I might have explained to them why I'm doing it and my situation. But that's just how some people are, and I've learnt from the beginning of my journey to ignore comments like that and make it not affect me in my decisions. (:

So that's basically how I regrew my edges with Consistency, Patience and Willpower. I'm still regrowing them as I go along so that they can be fuller, but I just wanted to share with you guys what I've done so far. Please come back and check out part 3, How can you Regrow your Edges with dos and don'ts. Thanks for reading.

How did you guys regrow your edges?


  1. Glad that your edges are coming back. I usually use castor oil to make them grow. My issue these days is retaining the length of my edges after relaxing. They usually break off at the line of demarcation. Have you had that problem?

  2. Thank youu!!! I've used castor oil before on my scalp, but I didn't see much of a when my edges broke out I just ran for the pimento oil lol.

    What I realize is that if my edges are dry (mostly when I'm far in my relaxer stretch) they tend to snap easily. So I always ensure that I keep them moisturized, even before scalp massaging so it doesn't break. But I do understand the struggle of retaining the length of your edges when it starts to grow back, because sometimes you wanna try different styles (maybe braids or weaves etc) but you don't wanna lose them due tight styles, bad habits and so on. So I just try to stick with my regimen and continue to massage and massage till there fully back girlll :)


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