Monday, 4 August 2014

Wash Day: Second Roller Set & Lime Lightening

Hey my beauties, I hope you guys aren't too confused with the title, but I did my second roller set all done done by moi, since I recently got my hooded dryer. Plus I felt a bit daring and I used a lime to sorta give my hair a lighter hue. So let's get into it.

[1] Prepoo- I prepooed with heat for 30 mins heat with Tresemme Re-moisture Conditioner, Apple cider vinegar which I sprayed on my hair and parts of my scalp. And also my oil mix which comprises of Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil. I did this Sunday night.

[2] Lime- The next day I cut a lime and squeezed it out in a cup and applied it on my hair. But I had coated my hair with conditioner before and after I applied the lime juice, to avoid dryness.

[3] Cleanse- I shampooed the next day because I wanted to leave lime in longer, and plus I was super busy with chores. And was by far the longest I've ever left my hair to preepoo. I shampooed with Mane n Tail Original Shampoo, which left my hair feeling really soft and nice

[4] Deep Condition- This was where I made a mistake, I originally picked up my ORS Replenishing Conditioner and Mane n Tail Conditioner. But as I squirted out the ORS conditioner I just got a change in heart and decided to replace it for my CON Intensive Moisture Treatment. I deep conditioned for 30 mins, and my hair came out soft. And since I've gotten my new hooded dryer, deep conditioning sessions are so much better.

[5] Leave- ins- I applied a little bit of my Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Reconstructurizer.

[6] Style- I did my second roller sets, which took me an hour and 10 mins, slightly better than last time which took an hour and a half. But I'm still learning so yea I'll be a bit of a slow poke for now. I also sprayed my hair with my setting lotion when my hair got a bit dry. When I was finished setting, I went under my Conair Pro Style 1600 Hooded dryer and I dried my hair for about 40-45 mins.


Results- I kinda regretted using my CON Intensive Conditioner, because I used it last wash day, so I think my hair suffered a bit of moisture overload. And plus my hair was sitting for a day and a half in my preepoo, which was maybe a bit too long. But because I used the lime I didn't want to suffer any dryness, so that's what led me to my CON conditioner, oh well. And my setting lotion is also moisture based, so it was a bit of an overkill for moisture this week

Next day, after I brushed the curls out and wrapped my hair
(spayed ORS hair sheen spray and moisturized before wrapping)

My roller sets came out a bit better than the last time, especially at the back. But I still have a some quirks there still, hopefully I'll get better overtime. But because of the moisture overload my hair felt a bit weighed down.

As for the lime, it did a better job than I had hoped for. I like little brown highlights in my hair, especially at the ends so when I do my buns, it has a cute pop of color. But I haven't had honey since maybe January, so I just decided maybe I'll use a lime. It was kinda on a whim, but I did it. It came out good, much lighter than I had expected so maybe I'll try it back next wash.

Without flash (you can see the brown tint at the side) hair was still wrapped as well

With flash, and hair was still wrapped.

The parts that are brown aren't at the side, but at the back, because my hair was still wrapped. So if I pulled the wrap out, the browner sides would be at the back. Maybe next time if I do this, hopefully when I'm more prepared, I'll mix it with oil to combat any dryness.

How was your wash day? Have any of you guys used lime for lightening your hair?


  1. Your hair looks so nice and shiny. Great job!

    1. Thank youu soo much! My roller sets comes out much better when I use heat :)

  2. Your hair looks great! So, the lime is natural lightener? No drying effects whatsoever?

    1. Thank youu Diva! And yes it is, it has similar properties to lemons, but since in Ja we don't produce lemons, limes are the next best thing. Honestly, in terms of the drying effects, I'm still not certain because my hair was a bit overloaded with moisture this wash day, so I didn't experience any dryness. But most times I've seen ppl mix the lime/lemon juice in conditioner or oil to combat the drying effect that it has, so maybe that's what I'll do next time. It did give quicker results than the honey, but with the honey I didn't have to worry about it drying out my hair. So I'm still going to try to get back the honey, but I'll probably use the lime juice one or two more times to lighten the length of my hair a bit more.

    2. Ah, got it! I totally wish I could be moisture overloaded. My hair drinks moisture like a dehydrated marathon runner.


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